Thursday, March 25, 2010

U.S. capitalist news media don't seem to agree on what kind of “march” gusanita queen Gloria Estefan is going to lead.

This is so funny! The capitalist news media in the United States is having problems using the words 'on' or 'in' or 'through.'

I have a feeling that they got an F in English grammar when they were going to grade school.

Here are three examples about the famous “march” by gusanita queen Gloria Estefan:


Headline: Estefan To Lead March In Cuba (The 'in' example)

Media Company or Organization: Entertainment Daily, (this is actually a blog).

Report: Gloria Estefan has organized a march in her native Cuba to support a women’s campaign group in the country.

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Headline: Estefan to Lead March on Cuba (The 'on' example)

Media Company or Organization: NBC Miami

Report: Rally designed to support the Ladies in White activists in Cuba

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Headline: Gloria Estefan will lead a march through Calle Ocho (The 'through' example)

Media Company or Organization: The Miami Herald (a.k.a. The Gusano Herald)

Report: A five block stretch of busy Calle Ocho will close to traffic Thursday to make way for a march led by singer Gloria Estefan in support Cuba's Las Damas de Blanco, or the Ladies in White.

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The “march” is neither 'in' Cuba or 'on' Cuba. It is 'through' Calle Ocho, which is a street in Miami, Florida, where con artists and fraudsters congregate to ask for “contributions” for the “liberation” of Cuba. Hey, Obama! Why don't you go down to Calle Ocho and lead the troops that will “liberate” Cuba?

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