Monday, March 29, 2010

USA Devotes Millions to Anti-Cuba Plots

Havana, Mar 29 (Prensa Latina) The United States devotes millions of dollars every year to sponsor and fund seditious activities by small groups that aspire to encourage a subversive movement in Cuba.

That can not be a secret, because it is about large amounts of budgeted money, approved in Congress sessions without any sense of shame, or extracted from the secret funds of the CIA and other government agencies, but constantly announced by the US media.

Those are large amounts of money for which those who decide to accept the role assigned by Washington fight, and receive them in Havana through different channels.

The money for those plots has caused more than one public dispute among groups composed of a small number of members.

Thus, the articles by news agencies that publish the review demanded by US congresspeople to analyze how the resources approved are spent.

For example, Senator John Kerry vetoed allocation of the last $40 millions devoted to "help the Cuban opposition" in the island, until a thorough analysis of their use is accomplished.

It is not surprising either that from Havana in an intended rush, a lady neatly dressed in white applauds Kerry's decision and cries out for no less than an audit of the use of those millions, because they are obviously giving her less than what she wants or was told initially.

That lady is the same person that led small parades in recent weeks along several streets in this capital, vociferating against the political system the Cuban people have adopted and developed by free will. Her action has encouraged the media campaign against Cuba.

She and a small accompanying group, including US diplomatic officials and from other European embassies received a strong response by thousands of citizens that exercised their right to disagree with those that they identified as people paid by a foreign power.

Now, the same lady is fighting for more money from the United States for her and her group who dress in white and is protesting with unusual energy against any attempt to reduce her monthly payment.


JG: The battle cry from the Ladies in White and useful idiots like Zapata and Fariñas is "WE WANT MORE MONEY."

Whatever happened to Martha Beatriz Roque and the empire's favorite blogger, Joani Sanchez? They must be getting enough money. They are not on the street "protesting."

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