Friday, May 21, 2010

Aroldis Chapman vs Stephen Strasburg



Cuban born pitcher Aroldis Chapman has an extremely difficult task ahead of him if he wants to be the equal of Stephen Strasburg, the 2009 U.S. number one overall amateur draft pick. They are both headed for The Show soon.

Aroldis is currently pitching for the Louisville Bats and Stphen is pitching for the Syracuse Chiefs. Both teams play in the Triple-A International League.

Both Aroldis Chapman and Stephen Strasburg are very talented pitchers, but right now Strasburg is way ahead of Chapman.

They both have played in eight games in the minor leagues, all of them as starters. Aroldis pitched 40.2 innings and Stephen pitched 40.1 innings. Aroldis struck out 48 and Stephen struck out 49.

Those are the statistics where they are equal to each other.

Here are the statistics where they are unequal:

1. Strasburg has total control of his pitches. Chapman can be very wild at times.
2. Strasburg won 6 games, Aroldis won 4 games.
3. Strasburg's ERA is 0.89, Chapman's is 3.98.
4. Strasburg has allowed 17 hits. Chapman has allowed 39 hits.
5. Strasburg allowed 9 runs, 4 of them earned. Chapman allowed 21 runs, 18 of them earned.
6. Strasburg gave 10 bases on balls. Chapman gave 24 BB's.
7. The batting average of Strasburg's opponents was .123 while the batting average of Chapmna's opponents was .257.

Like they say in tennis: Advantage Strasburg!

Can you imagine a game where they were competing against each other? That duel would be a sellout game for sure and a big thrill for all baseball fans. Bring it on!

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