Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The racist and imperialist mentalities of U.S. Army Generals during the turn of the 19th Century

U.S. General James H. Wilson, military governor of Matanzas province during the military occupation of Cuba , (1898-1902) : “If my views are carried out into effect, Cuba will be in the [U.S.] Union within ten years.” [JG: what an ignorant!]

U.S. General William Shafter: "Why, those people [in Cuba] are no more fit for self-government than gunpowder is for hell."

U.S. General Samuel Young: "the [Cuban revolutionary] insurgents are a lot of degenerates, absolutely devoid of honor or gratitude. They are no more capable of self-government than the savages of Africa."

Source: The War of 1898, The United States & Cuba in history & historiography.
Louis A. Pérez
The University of North Carolina Press, 1998.

JG: Rabid racism and Yankee imperialism statements like these do not help the United States gain very many friends around the world in the 21st century. I wonder what are U.S. generals saying today about the “savages” in Iraq and Afghanistan? Arrogance and empire, thy name is United States!

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