Saturday, September 04, 2010

Aroldis "105 MPH" Chapman performs very well in his third game

Aroldis Chapman pitched a complete eighth inning in relief against St. Louis today. He faced three batters, Aaron Miles, Jon Jay, and Albert Pujols. He threw six strikes and nine balls. He allowed no hits or runs. He did not strike out any of his three opponents and gave Jon Jay a free pass to first base. His slowest pitch was 88 MPH and he had ten pitches that were clocked at 100 MPH or better. One pitch went 103 MPH.

Aroldis ERA, after three games is 0.00. He is showing very good control.

Cincinnati won the game 6-1, avenging their loss yesterday.


Chapman vs. Pujols, Round 1

The number one, and best expert, about Cuban Baseball, Peter Bjarkman, explains Aroldis Chapman for us and does a heck of a good job.

Jeff Passan (Yahoo! Sports): Aroldis Chapman is the best thing since Steven Strasburg.

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