Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chairman Howard Berman is criticized heavily for his inaction on H.R. 4645

Howard Berman, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has been criticized heavily for canceling a mark-up discussion and vote on H.R. 4645. The criticism is strongly deserved.

Sarah Stephens of the Center for Democracy in the Americas said that "I think it's a shame that when real economic and political changes are taking place right now in Cuba, that neither the President nor Congress is able to acknowledge them until after the November elections."

The United States Cuba Policy and Business Blog asked why Chairman Berman (D-Ca), in a Democratic controlled Congress, with a Democratic President, cannot in this congressional term get the travel ban bill to the House floor for a vote? Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Chairman. My Jewish relatives have one expression for your postponement, "Feh!" (A yiddish term for disgust and disapproval).

That blog also reminded its readers on the same post that “in the 2010 election cycle alone, even Chairman Berman accepted more than $10,000 in campaign contributions from the anti-travel and pro-embargo crowd.”

That statement is very true. Maybe Chairman Berman can explain to the American people how he can, at the same time, be nice to the forces of goodness, those who want to reform our failed Cuba policies, and at the same time be nice to the forces of evil, those who want to continue the travel ban to the island, and who want to continue the genocidal blockade against the Cuban people.

Why did Chairman Berman accept more than $10,000.00 from the Miami fascists?

Last, but not least, is the fact that Barack Obama is not committed to reforming our failed Cuba policies.

The “change” that he promoted during the 2008 campaign turned out to be fake change. He is AWOL on new and changed Cuba policies. He has only enacted timid, rather than real reforms.

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