Monday, September 06, 2010

Cuban Children Return to School!

La Habana, Cuba.- Con una matrícula preliminar que sobrepasa los 2 millones 100 mil educandos, Cuba inicia hoy el curso escolar 2010-2011, durante el cual además de la calidad de la enseñanza será una prioridad la cultura y eficiencia económicas.

Radio Rebelde: A las aulas cubanas más de 2 millones 100 mil alumnos

"Children are the hope of the world" Jose Marti


Leela said...

Hello, My name is Leela and I am a student from Decatur High School in Decatur, GA. I am in a journalism class at my school and we produce a magazine. I am currently writing an article on a Cuban-American teacher at my school and I was wondering if I could potentially use this photograph in it. Thank you.

Cuba Journal said...

Hi Leela:

Yes, you can use the picture. It is not mine. I believe it came from either Granma or Juventud Rebelde, Cuba's two largest newspapers.

Good luck on your article and thank you for visiting Cuba Journal.