Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cuban dance legend, Alicia Alonso, invites Obama to Havana festival

(AFP) – September 22, 2010

HAVANA — Cuban dance legend Alicia Alonso has invited US President Barack Obama and his family to attend an international ballet festival on the island, under US economic embargo for almost five decades.

"I would like to invite the president of the United States to come to the Cuba Ballet Festival with his wife and his adorable daughters to see the beauty of the art, love and life," said Alonso.

Exceptionally the festival from October 28 to November 7 will host both the American Ballet Theatre, which has not performed in Cuba for more than 50 years, and members of the New York City Ballet.

Alonso, who celebrates her 90th birthday in December, began her classical career dancing with both those companies in the early 1940s. She is now the director of the Cuban National Ballet.


JG: Like all good Cubans, I have deep respect and love for the island's prima ballerina assoluta, but Barack Obama is a fanatical capitalist, who is sworn to destroy -- like his ten predecessors -- Cuban Socialism. Times are tough for Cuba right now, but this is not the right time to make concessions. Barack Obama has continued the genocidal Cuba blockade. He is intelligent, but he is not a person who is worthy of our trust.

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