Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't call him a contractor call him what he is, a U.S. covert agent

Much has been written about Alan Gross, Hilary Clinton's much ballyhooed “contractor.” Hillary and Obama have decided to embrace George Orwell's new speak.

Michael Gross is not a contractor. That is merely the cover that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have used to send Mr. Gross to Cuba with the purpose of destabilizing Cuba's chosen system. Between George w. Bush and Barack H. Obama they have spent more than 60 million dollars for subversion inside Cuba.

Yesterday, we celebrated the 12th anniversary of the jailing of the Cuban Five, five heroes who infiltrated terrorist groups in Miami. They were not spies. Even their prosecutor admitted that.

I say tit-for-tat: keep Michael Gross in a Cuban jail and bring him to trial for subversion. Let's see how the other shoe fits for the Yankee imperialists.

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