Wednesday, September 29, 2010

En Tres y Dos (1986)

Review Summary by The New York Times

The retirement of a popular Cuban baseball star is the fictional topic of this interesting sports drama with snippets of archival footage and references to real games -- like a victory against the New York Yankees in 1959. There are even interviews with real Cuban sports heroes worked into the storyline. As excitement at Havana Stadium mounts, and salsa music animates the stands, the retiring player (Samuel Claxton) remembers his past career and personal life in flashbacks. Meanwhile, all the games of the final playoff between the Industriales and Villa Clara will be played in the stadium on this day -- a real "win or die trying" challenge. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

Artículo en Español sobre El Tres y Dos

JG: Probably because of the U.S embargo against Cuba, I could not find it for sale in the United States. END THE HATE, OBAMA!

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