Monday, September 27, 2010

The GOP and the top 2% Super Rich want to continue screwing Americans

I say screw the Super Rich before they can continue screwing America's working class. The Republican Party wants to continue the tax-cut bonanza that George W. Bush gave to the Super Wealthy.

Robert Reich, who was the 22nd United States Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, from 1993 to 1997, points out the following facts in an excellent article, published on Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle, where he asks an excellent question, even it is a very long one:

“Who deserves a tax cut more: the top 2 percent - whose wages and benefits are higher than ever and among whose ranks are the CEOs and Wall Street mavens whose antics have sliced jobs and wages and nearly destroyed the American economy - or the rest of us?”

I say let us bring on class warfare! Let the right wing nuts accuse us of being socialists or communists. The issue is about fairness and social justice. A vote for a Republican in the November elections means that, if you belong to the working class, you basically will be screwing yourself with your own vote.

Obama has brought the coming November debacle on himself. His “change you can believe in” was a fraud. He has governed like a Republican, especially on the Cuba issue. In cases like this the people turn out and vote for the real thing, rather than the fake Obama closet Republicans. They are DINO's.

Mr Reich also points out that:

1) “But [the proposed continuation of the tax cuts for the top 2% Super Rich] would blow a giant hole in the budget - $36 billion next year, $700 billion over 10 years. Millionaire households would get a windfall of $31 billion next year alone.”

2) “The $1.3 trillion George W. Bush tax cut of 2001 was a huge windfall for people earning more than $500,000 a year. They got about 40 percent of its benefits. The Bush tax cut of 2003 was even better for high rollers. Those with net incomes of about $1 million got an average tax cut of $90,000 a year. Yet taxes on the typical middle-income family dropped just $217. Many lower-income families, who still paid payroll taxes, got nothing back at all.”

I say it is time to have a Workers Party like the one they have in Brazil. The Republicans and the DINO's are whores to the Super Rich, Wall Street, the Banks and the Oil Companies. They do not represent the working class of America.

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