Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hate: American Imperialism's Favorite Fuel

The similarities between Germany's Third Reich and and the crop of eleven U.S. presidents,which started in 1956 (Eisenhower through Obama) is startling.

Because it emerged triumphant in WW2 and the cold war against the Soviet block, the U.S. has become an extremely arrogant power. It is nowadays the world's number one bully, ably assisted by their buddy and ally, racist and war-mongering Zionist Israel. It goes around the world giving its inhabitants of our planet, wars, death and destruction. It all started in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hitler was obsessed with the Jews. His hate consumed him. The same has happened with the Magnificent Eleven of the United States. Remove the word Jews and insert the word Cuba.

The Pearl of the Antilles was the playground of all the scum produced by the United States. They had a dutiful water-carrier by the name of General Fulgencio Batista. The American Mafia ran the casinos and the brothels for the imperialists.

But then, like the popular song goes inside Cuba, “En eso llegó Fidel” (“And then Fidel arrived”). The Yankee imperialists hate Fidel more than Hitler and the Nazis hated the Jews. You could plausible argue that the Americans are the successors of carrying out every conceivable policy that is based on evil practices.

We know of the their tortures throughout the world and other depravities like water-boarding. They used napalm Against innocent civilians in South Vietnam, and their water-carriers in Tel Aviv have used phosphorus bombs against Palestinian civilians. They have no shame. They enjoy doing it. They have no morals and no ethics.

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