Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is H.R. 4645 becoming a huge farce?

If you asked me, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are acting behind the curtains (à la The Wizard of Oz) to make sure that H.R. 4645, the Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act never becomes a U.S. law.

They are using the Allan Gross excuse. Those evil communists in Havana are keeping our cuddly contractor in jail. The guy was only trying to sell sweets and matzoh balls to the Jewish community in Cuba. Hillary and Barack are definitely sabotaging the proposed bill.

Hillary is much more evil than Barack Obama, who is a huge fraud, with his 'change you can believe in' scam of 2008.

They are already priming the main stream capitalist news media to report that since the GOP is going to take over Congress in November "the House Foreign Affairs Committee [has] placed the legislation on its calendar for a vote next Wednesday. But even if the committee approves it, getting the measure through Congress this year will be difficult with so little time and so much other work left for lawmakers to do."

These are the same jokers who were telling the country in January that the law would be passed by June of this year. Politicians in the U.S. Congress probably take a couple of BS pills every night before they go to bed.

Barack Obama's scam is now complete. What will he think up next for 2012? He is a much bigger fraud than Bill Clinton ever was, and he did it with no BJ's. Give him credit for that.

As for Mr. Gross. Cuba should bring him to trial for being a U.S. covert agent, who willfully violated the letter of Cuba's Public Law 88. The evidence against him is abundant. On conviction, sentence Mr. Gross to 30 years in jail.

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