Friday, September 10, 2010

MLB Club 100/30 is going to be big this baseball year

It is only September 10, my grandson Michael's 10th birthday, and four MLB players are already members of the elite Club 100/30, at least 100 RBI's and 30 or more HR's.

Update for 9/13/2010: Three more have been admitted to the Club 100/30 for 2010.

Update for 9/20/2010: Ryan Howard is now in the Club.

Here are those that have qualified already:

1) Miguel Cabrera, 118,34
2) Jose Bautista, 114,49
3) Albert Pujols 107,39
4) Carlos Gonzalez,107,32
5) Paul Konerko, 105,37
6) Joey Votto, 104,34
7) Ryan Howard, 104,30
8) Mark Teixeira, 101,33

There are several that will probably be admitted to the club soon:

Vladimir Guerrero
Josh Hamilton
Adrian Beltre
Adrian Gonzalez
Robinson Cano

If I remember correctly, last year we had 17 players in the Club 100/30.

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