Friday, September 24, 2010

Oscar Arias and the Cuban Revolution

Juventud Rebelde

By: Álvaro Montero Mejía

2010-03-16 | 11:42:25 EST

To be faithful to an old ritual, Oscar Arias is once again levying an attack against the Cuban Revolution. It is one of his old traditions fuelled by his bitterness against one of the most profound and unprecedented social processes of our time.

If his statements against the economic blockade are brushed aside —that the most powerful nation on Earth exerts against a small country on the continent, the harshest in history—, Arias has never used some of the many forums that he has attended in his life to condemn thousands of innocent deaths that the continued U.S. aggression has caused to Cuba, nor the thousands of acts of sabotage against the production efforts of a poor developing country, nor has he been sympathetic regarding the hundreds assassination attempts on Cuban leaders and dirty tactics such as biological warfare, including using swine fever or hemorragic dengue fever, unleashed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) against Cuba, killing hundreds of people and causing immense economic damage.

In the countless forums he attends to voice his antiwar rhetoric, he has never taken the opportunity to demand the release of the five Cuban political prisoners being held in U.S. jails and victims of "a judicial system of questionable independence," to use his own words, but better say, a twisted and perverse judicial system, held in solitary confinement, unable to see their families, and only for committing the crime of fighting against terrorist actions that are carried out daily against Cuba from the U.S.

Oscar Arias, you have never been seen —nor will be— providing a gesture to dignify yourself as a man of principle; able to recognize that huge share of humanity accompanying most of the Cuban Revolution over 50 years. Your solidarity has never sided with the agrarian reform, urban reform, the most developed health system across the continent, the rigorous intellectual training of children, adolescents and young adults, or with the tens of thousands of doctors, teachers and professionals scattered around the world, struggling for the gift of life, welfare, literacy and culture, that the unequal and unsupportive world denies them.

So you must be either mean or immensely ignorant when you say “that in practice, Cuba applies their solidarity only to its supporters.” In all these years, Oscar Arias, you have supported, without missing any chance, blockers, saboteurs, murderers and aggressors, mercenaries, hired scribes, whose sole aim is to defeat and surrender Cuba and attain its destruction. So there is no need to call you “the empire lackey" because you have raised by yourself the issue of lackey.

But in all as far as your diatribe is concerned, one faces several difficulties. In Costa Rica, the common person knows exactly who you are, but elsewhere you are considered to be a great personality. So for whom do we write? Outside, people must think we are mad when we say you are an egotist or a narcissist, and a person capable of lying without hesitation.

Here in Costa Rica, most of us are aware of the millions of public money you have invested in strengthening your image to convince the ordinary people that you are a great man, a great figure of universal recognition. Those who know you can recognize closely your advantages, but above all your misery, and that is how we have seen you in many opportunities, speaking with enthusiasm about yoursef. Here we know that you are able to condemn others, for the behavior patterns of which you are a living example. You say: "I have always struggled for a Cuban transition to democracy,” and then speak of “pluralistic regime” and of “proving that I can learn to respect ... especially the rights of your opponents.” And with a finishing touch adding that “in a democracy, if one has no opposition, one must create one.”

In Costa Rica, the true democrats and patriots struggle now for a “Costa Rican transition to democracy,” the same you have taken care to undermine and shatter. It turns out to be, to put it simply, that you flagrantly violated the Political Constitution and submitted the Judicial Power to your discretion in order to get reelected; killed the independence of the Legislative Power and bribed with millions some wretched members of Parliament ; participated in the NAFTA referendum despite the constitutional and legal clear prohibition and what is more, you did it along with the US ambassador; and both terrified factory workers ...lackeys?

Up here we know that you encouraged the systematic destruction of very fertile forests with a decree declaring " of public interest" the open pit gold mining and thus selling its operation to a multinational consortium, "lackeys?; we know that you violated trade union rights by expelling a legitimate Board of Directors from the docks of Puerto Limon, in order to place another formed by scabs addicted to huge foreign interests moving in the granting of such docks to a private corporation... "lackeys?

Well, perhaps you could explain to the honest people in the the world the reason why you snatched arbitrarily from me the television program called "Diagnostico" that for 17 years I anchored on channel 13; and for its guests, it was acknowledged as one of the best in-depth programs in our country that was awarded the "Joaquín García Monge” National Prize. Or was it that my simplicity prevented me from appreciating that with its closure, you had decided to create the opposition you did not have?

You can continue playing the "tough guy" whenever you attack Cuba, while turning a blind eye to the thousands of political prisoners that the U.S. empire has spread throughout the world, kidnapped from their countries, isolated and unknown, deprived of their most elementary rights, tortured and abused as a substantive part of the shames of our time.

I want to finish by parodying a phrase I read many years ago and now it fits very well: "Oscar Arias and the Cuban Revolution; or the annoying proceedings of the dry straw before the fire."

Curridabat, March 12th, 2010

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