Thursday, September 30, 2010

Supporters of Cuba embargo pour millions into congressional coffers

The Florida Independent reports the following:


Chairman Howard Berman [of the House Foreign Relations Committee], as well as 13 other Democrats and seven Republicans committee members, receive contributions from the US-Cuba Democracy PAC (USCD), a Miami-based organization that opposes easing any restrictions related to Cuba. These committee members represent Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Texas.

The bulk of the PAC contributions were made to the chairman and vice-chairman, and the chairmen and members of the Western Hemisphere, Terrorism Nonproliferation and Trade and the International Organizations Human Rights and Oversight subcommittees that address issues involving Cuba-U.S. relations. data show that since the 2004 election cycle the US-Cuba Democracy PAC raised over $2.7 million, and according to a Public Campaign report released in November 2009, more than $1.7 million of that money has gone to federal candidates. Overall, individuals and organizations that support the embargo have contributed close to $11 million dollars to 337 federal candidates since 2004.


JG: Message to Floridians: On November 2nd, do not vote for any politician or candidate that supports and gets money from USCD. I will not vote for Marco Rubio or Kendrick Meek, and I plan to write-in NOTA (None Of The Above) for the Florida U.S. Senate seat.

USCD pays lots of $$$ to its U.S. Congressional Whores.

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