Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trying to hide the truth about CDC's

This is a story about how perfectly legitimate Capitalist Drug Companies (CDC's), are killing thousands of Americans.

The article in Time Magazine started the usual way that many capitalist “journalists” open their stories: with a cute and heart rending tale about one individual. This person was hoodwinked by the CDC's. He was a 13 year old kid who had cancer.

He was prescribed an opioid called Oxycontin, brought to him by our friendly CDC's, whom the Time journalist euphemistically calls Big Pharma. The brain loves Oxycontin. It creates a craving and a never ending dependency. The cure is worse than the illness. The kid beat the cancer, but he graduated from an opioid like Oxycontin to heroin. Thousands of kids and adults like him die every year from legal drugs which are marketed to them non-stop by the CDC's.

Thou shall make money anyway you can is the first commandment of American capitalism. The CDC's are just following the ways of the evil system that rules the USA.

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