Wednesday, September 29, 2010

U.S. continues being the biggest bully in the planet

Homo Sapiens, the name we give to our species, faces innumerable and very grave problems in the world we are living today. Our leaders could choose to sit down in a friendship table and try to come up with solutions which would benefit everyone. They could promote peace. They could offer socially responsible policies.

But for the capitalist leaders of the United States that is unacceptable. They want blood, they want war and mayhem, they want greed, they want hate, they continue drinking from the cup of arrogance.

No other U.S. president was elected to office with so much hope from his followers as Barack H. Obama was. What a great disappointment he has been. It is understandable why so many people in the U.S. no longer bother to excessive their right to vote. The leaders of the U.S. are contributing to the possible destruction of our planet.

Many of them call themselves Christians, yet they forget that Jesus told us to 'Love One Another.' Jesus didn't owe a thing, yet we continue craving never ending acquisitions of worthless junk.

For close to 52 years now, Yankee imperialism has sought the destruction of Cuba. They are obsessed with returning the exploitation of man by man to my beloved island. Do not give up Cuba, or you will become another Puerto Rico, where people have to deal with never ending crime and live behind barred windows and walls. Do not let the Yankee imperialists come back. Continue defending what is yours. Do not give up one inch to those who want to destroy you.

Accept the fact that you will have to work harder. Do you want to become an “entrepreneur” so you can screw your neighbor, families, and friends? Continue in the path of 'people helping people' and continue to make our island prosper. It is O.K. to make mistakes along the way.

Jose Marti would be proud that Cuba is today free and sovereign.

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