Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wishful thinking and fantasy land

When Fidel and Raul Castro say something in public that is extremely important, many in the world-at-large jump into the bandwagon of obnoxious and non-objective criticism. After close to 52 years of daily struggles in the Caribbean island, these nincompoops have not been able to add two and two together and figure out that the two brothers are still fighting to defend and protect the national sovereignty and independence of the pearl of the Antilles.

So when Fidel says that “our model no longer works for us” they immediately start publishing utter nonsense like “Cuba will transition to capitalism” or “Fidel and Raul are dumping socialism.”

The reason for those idiotic pronouncements by the nincompoops is that they live in a world of “if you wish it, it will come.” They live in a world of dreams and fantasies and Mickey Mouse.

The world economic crisis, created by capitalists and not by socialists, has affected Cuba deeply. Their leaders are beginning to doubt that in the current world, a centrally planned economy works. We know that Cuba's health care and educational system works. They are the envy of other third world countries. But in the area that has to do with the economy, there is some need for improvements in Cuba. It is not necessary for the state to employ everybody.

Allowing a small amount of so-called free markets, with a strong enough bridle to prevent the usual capitalist scams, could be explored and considered.

Cuba's leaders are working to make their system better, and not to transition it back to the dark years of native puppets supported by imperialists and never ending economic exploitation.

Cuba is like a good wine. It will improve with time. Count on it!

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