Friday, September 24, 2010

Yankee imperialists terrorist plans against Cuba continue

Complete English translation of the original Spanish article. Added on 09/26/2010.

In an article published today by Granma, the official Cuban newspaper talks about the plans of Yankee imperialism against Cuba. Here is a quick translation of some of the key pints in the article:

The declarations of Francisco Chávez Abarca and the plans being plotted against Venezuela, reveal the continuity of the terrorist actions against Cuba and open new questions about the continuation of the complicity between the CIA, the Cuban American National Foundation, Luis Posada Carriles and the anti-Cuba U.S. Representatives in the American Congress.

In Miami Florida, known terrorists receive secure refuge and raise funds, open bank accounts to finance terrorist activities inside the island and U.S. territory is being used by those who promote, plan and commit criminal acts against Cuba, and many of those individuals have been on the payroll of the CIA or the FBI.

Luis Posada Carriels was an 'honored guest' on February 27th and 28th of 2010 at the annual convention of the terrorist organization Alpha 66. He proposes to return to the plans of violent and paramilitary activities against Cuba.

Although the leaders of that organization signaled that their strategy is to feign being a political, civilian, and pacifist group, they ratified that terrorism is their main line of action and will be used to destroy the Cuban Revolution. They proposed to collect funds, to buy new boats, and to load them with artillery and machine guns to land in Cuba, or to attack the coasts of the island.


JG: All the terrorist and paramilitary activities against Cuba have ALWAYS been financed and directed by the United States government. Barack Obama is not any better or different than George W. Bush. His administration continues to give refuge to Luis Posada Carriles in Miami, and ignores the activities of violent terrorist groups like Alpha 66.

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, their never ending hate is the fuel of choice of the Yankee imperialists. They are active sponsors of state-sanctioned terrorism.

One day they will have to pay for their numerous crimes throughout the world.

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