Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Asymmetrical war between Washington and Wikileaks

By Roberto Montoya

December 13, 2010

The cyberwar between Wikileaks and its growing worldwide allies, against the U.S. and companies and institutions which seek to boycott the publication of classified documents from the State Department, takes shape day by day, having caught by surprise, apparently, to the very Cyber Command of the United States, the USCC.

Gen. Keith Alexander, commander of the USCC announced in early November that the new body was already fully operational. And he did it in the context of the European cyber maneuvers, Cyber Europe 2010, where for several days they simulated synchronized attacks against vital points in several European countries.

The USCC, on which Obama bet heavily, is equipped with a multi-million dollar budget and 90,000 men composed of armed forces from various units which specialize in cyber attacks and defense.

But in the obsessions of the American Cyber Command did not appear until a few months ago the possibility of attacks on its computer system by organizations such as Wikileaks. Their main concerns focused on states, particularly on China, which has a great ability to carry out full-scale attacks against the U.S. power grid, against the computer software and hardware that controls all of its administration or to affect early warning systems against intercontinental missiles.

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