Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The defense attorney of Gerardo Hernández denies that they are contradicting the Cuban governement

Gerardo Hernández and his bird, Cardenal

The defense attorney of an imprisoned Cuban agent in the United States, Gerardo Hernandez, denied on Tuesday that they have filed a legal action that contradicts the arguments of the government in Havana in regards to the downing, 14 years ago, of two planes of an extremist group in Miami that left four persons dead.

U.S. attorney Richard Klugh described as "wrong and unfounded" an article published today in the newspaper El Nuevo Herald of Miami, according to which Hernandez would have recognized a surprising change "that the incident occurred over international waters," instead of Cuban air space, as advocated by the authorities of the island.

More (in Spanish) at Cubadebate.

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