Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Fox Fascists are happy because Ecured.cu crashed

Here is the link, in case you are a Miami or a New Jersey gusano, a fascist or a Yankee imperialist who enjoys reading anti-Cuba garbage: On Launch, Cuba's Answer to Wikipedia Immediately Crashes.

Wow! The Cuban people really do have BIG COJONES. A little country of less than twelve million people standing up to the evil designs of the Yankee imperialists. Way to go, CUBA!


payana said...

Just having teething problems.Looking forward to using it!
Linda Payan

payana said...

It wont be for long .As it is a new site there will be a few teething problems.Looking forward to using it.
Linda Payan

Cuba Journal said...

I agree. From what I have been able to see, it is a great website. Being bilingual, I hope to spend many pleasant hours there in the coming months.

I killed my TV a long time ago. Too many commercials. I only use it for DVD's and music CD's.

Blogger had some problems in the beginning. Now, it is a great place.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming back!