Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Cuban Baseball transitioning to “garbage béisbol” like in the USA?

The Schiller rule, imposed dictatorially by Yankee imperialist Harvey Schiller on a very pliable and docile International Baseball Federation (IBAF) may be leading to the destruction of Cuban Baseball.

Instead of calling for the idiotic and destructive rule to kick in after the tenth inning, as originally envisioned by IBAF, Cuba, which has a very undemocratic top down baseball system, has decreed that the silly rule will start after the regulation nine innings have ended in a tie game. HURRY UP AND FINISH!

Cuba has done an excellent job of destroying its economy with something which they call 'central planning' which is based on Marxist dogma. Now the state central planners are trying to do the same thing with béisbol, without first consulting its legions of fans in the island. Higinio Velez runs Cuban Baseball with the same iron fist that was used by Joseph Stalin in the now defunct U.R.S.S. The Schiller rule in Cuba was imposed from the top. Fans did not ask for it.

Read a related New York Times article. Baseball purists like myself and those quoted in the article want to get rid of this silly rule which manufactures fake runners and fake runs. Cuba should get rid of Higinio Velez too. He is replacing good Cuban Baseball with garbage baseball.

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