Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spanish language website publishes list of presumptive 'payments' to anti-Cuba mercenaries

I have no way of verifying the veracity of his claims. I had never heard before about this website: El Látigo Cubano. If you are fluent in Spanish, read it, an then form your own opinion. They talk about WikieLeaks cables but do not present the actual cable or a link to it.

Here are the names and what he claims were the payments to U.S. mercenaries for their anti-Cuba activities. Caveat: Since El Látigo Cubano uses a pseudonym and not his real name, I am very skeptical about his claims, but it is true that last year Barack H. Obama approved the sum of $15 million U.S. dollars to promote “democracy” in Cuba. What a great business these people may have; financed by U.S. taxpayer money and managed by corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C.

1) Orlando Gutierrez Boronat: $3.5 million dollars. El Látigo claims that Gutierrez was the intellectual author of the death of Orlando Tamayo, and that he is the president of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, headquatered in Miami.

2) Huber Matos: $1.5 million dollars. Another Miami resident, and leader of CID, a counter revolutionary organization.

3) Emilio Estefan: $1.25 million dollars, for “Cultural Support.” Another Miami resident and hubby of La Conguera.

4) Miguel A. Savedra, $50,000 dollars for “Street Support.”

5) Frank Hernández Trujillo, $3 million dollars for “Political Prisoner.” El Latigo claims that this person is a leader of Group for Dissidents Support, also headquartered in Miami.

6) Luis Posada Carriles: $350,000 dollars, for “Patriotic Support.” International terrorist of Cuban origin. He has ties to the Cuban-American National Foundation, (CANF.)

7) Santiago Álvarez Fernández: $250,000 dollars, for “Patriotic Support.”

8) Ernesto Hernández Busto, $150,000 dollars, for “Internet Dissidence.”

9) Laura Pollan, $200,000 dollars, for “Political Prisoner Support.” She is the leader of the Ladies in White, and is a well known U.S. mercenary inside Cuba.

10) Marta Beatriz Roque. $175,000 dollars, for “Street Dissidence.” Another well known U.S. mercenary inside Cuba.

11) Yoani Sánchez $125,000 dollars, for “Internet Dissidence.” She is the empire's favorite blogger inside Cuba. Her blog is in Germany, not Cuba.

12) Reynaldo 'Super Ugly' Escobar, Yoani's hubby. $75,000 dollars for “Internet Support.” There are rumors that he is asking for a raise.

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