Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 'Vive Bien' of the U.S. military

For those who are not fluent in Spanish, 'Vive Bien' is the man-on-the-street definition of a parasite.

Here is a very interesting story about the 'Vive Bien' in the U.S. Military.

USA TODAY: Military mentors paid well for advice

In a little-known practice, the military pays retired generals and admirals to help run war games and offer advice.

Many of those advisers also work for the defense industry. In their role as "senior mentors," some of the former officers are paid as much as $340 an hour, or more than triple their rate of pay as high-level, active-duty officers. Some earn even more as consultants and board members of defense companies. The military has never released a full list of the mentors, and it does not collect details on their outside financial interests. Through data obtained from the services and other public records, USA TODAY identified 158 senior mentors, who are listed in the chart below.

MORE: Retired military officers cash in as well-paid consultants

Of that number, 80% had financial ties to defense contractors, according to public records and interviews, including 29 who were full-time executives of defense companies. Playing those dual roles is not prohibited by law or regulation.

Sources: The Pentagon, interviews, public records

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