Tuesday, February 22, 2011

American and European imperialism are treating Egypt and Libya differently

When Hosni Mubarak was being overthrown by his own people, you never heard the U.S. government call Egypt a "dictatorship." There was never a United Nations Security Council emergency meeting. Hosni may have been an S.O.B., but he was our S.O.B.

Now, in the terrible situation developing in Libya, I will not defend Gaddafi. What his forces are doing is worthy of condemnation. But Qaddafi was always a very strong anti-imperialist. In other words: he is not "our" S.O.B.

Add to that the fact that Libya has, like Iraq, huge oil deposits, and you can see and understand why American and European imperialists are starting to circle Libya. The imperialists care about, and are only interested in oil and money; they do not care about the Egyptian or Libyan people.

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