Friday, February 25, 2011

Cuba denounces Obama for support of dissidents, says US media lies

By Paul Haven (CP) – 12:20 p.m.

HAVANA — Cuba on Friday denounced U.S. President Barack Obama as a copy of his conservative Republican predecessor, and said he gave more credence to Cuban-American exiles than his own diplomats.

An opinion piece in the official Communist Party newspaper Granma criticized Obama for supporting dissidents on the island and called for Cuba to release all political prisoners. It said the president's Wednesday statement shows he is being manipulated by exiles, uninformed advisors and a biased U.S. media.

"The White House is giving more attention to pressure from Miami and its mafia in the capital than it is to its own diplomats," the article says, adding that Obama's emotional statement "emulated his predecessor George W. Bush in its abuse of adjectives."

"In an era where newspapers are filled with more lies than advertisements ... it is hard to tell who got the president so worked up, the New York Times or an adviser on the National Security Council," it said.

Granma also carried an article denouncing The Wall Street Journal for an editorial that drew parallels between Cuba and Egypt.

The article said the newspaper's "image of sobriety and power cannot hide fanaticism and hate."

The article come days after Cuban media lashed out at CNN's Spanish-language network for reporting that an opposition demonstration was going to take place in Havana. The protest never occurred.


JG: CNN is an outfit that lacks credibility and has consistently gone downhill since it was created. It devotes most of its time to gossip, unconfirmed reports and sensationalism. It has huge amounts of commercial advertising, as it conforms to the capitalist mandate: profits come first.

As to the Wall Street Journal, it is the mouthpiece of American capitalism. Its hatred for Socialism and Communism is well known. It is devoid of any objectivity

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