Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Federal Judge comes across as incompetent and/or biased

I am not a legal expert. This is just one man expressing his opinion.

From the first day that Federal Judge Kathleen Cardone started the so-called trial against Luis Posada Carriles for being a liar, she has bent over backwards with her constant "postponements" of the trial.

Please bear in mind that this particular Federal judge was appointed by none other than George W. Bush. That does not speak very highly of her abilities, based on the facts that all the Bushes are professional Cuba haters.

I say they are trying to continue the farce of protecting this confirmed terrorist, since he is "our" terrorist.

Judge Kathleen Cardone has "postponed" the trial for one more week. No testimony will be heard during that time period.

José Pertierra: Diario de El Paso: La Jueza Cardone

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