Thursday, February 03, 2011

Google Art Project

The Telegraph

World's greatest art galleries now on Google Street View

Gigapixel images of art from 17 top institutions go online at thanks to new Street View trolleys.

By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor 11:00AM GMT 01 Feb 2011

Visits to the world’s most important museums are now available online, thanks to Google’s controversial Street View technology.

The search giant’s 360-degree cameras were allowed to tour the galleries of Tate Britain, the National Gallery and a host of other top museums and art institutions around the world. Previously, the cameras have been devoted to taking photographs of individual houses across the country for Google Maps.

The company says it will “enable people to discover and view 1,061 artworks online in extraordinary detail”. Visitors to can zoom in to more than 1,000 works and see details that would be hard to make out in a gallery itself.

The 18-month project has seen 17 museums open 486 artists’ work to the web. Specially built camera trolleys have captured pictures that have been spliced together and will now allow virtual tours of individual galleries. They have also taken ultra-high resolution images of a limited number of artworks.

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