Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The latest stupid fabrication of the Miami Mafia: "Cuban pilots are bombing in Libya"

The Miami fascists are running out of things to say about Cuba. Their latest fabrication is that Cuban pilots are bombing in Libya.

LISTEN STUPIDS: Cuba sends doctors to other countries, not pilots. It is the U.S who is sending planes to bomb the people in Aghanistan and Pakistan, and their buddies, the Israeli zionists, bomb the Palestinian people regularly. Do you really think that the people of the world are that stupid?

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JuanGP said...

It's not coming from miami but from a report tweeted on 21 Feb. See below:

facebook 93twitter 27After Gaddafi
Hugh Miles 21 February 2011 .Tags: gaddafi | libya | protests

Information is patchy as communication networks are down, but reports from Libya all indicate that after 42 years in power, Colonel Gaddafi’s time is up. The tribes are heading to the capital en masse, soldiers still answering to the regime are trying to stop them, and the violence is escalating. According to the latest reports the regime has deployed helicopters and jets to crush the uprising, allegedly flown by mercenaries from Eastern Europe, Cuba and elsewhere. Meanwhile, former regime stalwarts have been defecting in growing numbers. The head of Afriqiya Airways, the head of the Libyan Chamber of Commerce and several ambassadors are among those who have resigned or relocated. Many of them are reportedly now in Dubai. Islamic scholars in Libya spoke up today for the first time to rule that fighting Gaddafi was legitimate jihad. The demonstrators are calling for a million people to march tomorrow on Bab al-Aziziya, the fortified military compound where Gaddafi lives in Tripoli. But no one knows where he is now.

Cuba Journal said...

The Miami counter-revolutionaries have always been know to invent all kinds of patrañas and tall tales.

During the CIA mercenary Bay of Pigs invasion, Radio Swan was broadcasting that the Habana Libre (formerly the Havana Hilton) was in flames.

All you had to do to verify that is was a lie was stick your nose out the window and look toward 23 and L.

The imperialists hatred of communism and/or socialism is such that they will invent just about anything to vent their hatred towards civilized society.

Cuba Journal said...

What is happening in Libya is that the imperialists have their eyes on Libyan oil. They stole the oil from Iraq, and now they are probably plotting to do the same with Libya.

No difference between Bush and Obama. They are both Yankee imperialist scum.