Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sales of Cuban cigars rose two per cent last year, after steep drop in 2009

Ariadna Gomez smokes a cigar next to an image of Cuba's leader Fidel Castro during the 13th annual Cigar Festival in Havana, Cuba, Monday. Cigar enthusiasts from around the world come to Cuba during the annual celebration to visit tobacco farms and... (Photo:AP)

Cape Breton Press

Published on February 21, 2011

HAVANA, Cuba (AP) — The exclusive seller and exporter of Cuban cigars said Monday that sales of the island’s coveted smokes rose two per cent in 2010, rebounding slightly after falling for two straight years amid the global economic crisis.

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IdavD james said...

My last night in US was to be coffee and Cuban Cigars with a few close friends, and one of my friend "It is illegal for US citizen to Buy Cuban Cigars anywhere in the US, but why it is illegal to buy and smoke !