Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tweedledee (Hucklebee) and Tweedlee-Me-Too (Romney) on the Cuba issue


• Mike Huckabee previously supported lifting the embargo but
later on changed his stance.

• He was accused of changing his stance for Cuba in an attempt
to appeal to a particular group of people before an election.

• In December of 2007 he commented that he would veto any
efforts to end trade restrictions on the Caribbean country.

• In 2002 while in office as Governor of Arkansas he had
commented that the embargo was harmful to American business.

• He vowed to outdo even President Bush in bringing down the
rule of Fidel Castro and also punish those who do business

• Following Castro's decision to step down, Mike Huckabee
called for 'free and fair elections' in Cuba but also commented
that until Castro dies there can be no significant movement
towards reform in Cuba.

• He said that Raul Castro seems to be as much of a tyrant and
dictator as Fidel.

• In January 2008 Fox news reported Mike Huckabee to have said
to propose halting immigration from such countries that are
listed as state sponsors of terrorism which includes Cuba.

• Governor Huckabee then back tracked saying that he wanted a
review of immigration procedures with regard to people coming
from countries in the list of state sponsors of terrorism. He
recommended a more diligent approach to back ground checks of
immigrants coming into the country from places like Cuba.

• I will visit Versailles in Miami.


• In December 2007 Mitt Romney commented on Castro's decision
of not coming back to power saying even if Castro does not come
back Cuba's government will still remain the same brutal regime
it was for the past 49 years.

• He opined that Cuba's youth are still among the constantly
harassed and are subjected to violence and are under the
surveillance for demanding their political freedom. They comprise
the many political prisoners in Cuba today.

• According to him Cuba's future should be shaped by its
freedom loving youth and not Raul Castro or any of the Castro

• He said that the US should continue with its present policy
towards Cuba until the country is free from the Castro regime and
all political prisoners are freed and the country becomes a
democracy initiating free and fair elections.

• During a speech in Miami Mitt Romney bungled the names of
Cuban-American politicians and became the object of ridicule.

• He also went further to disappoint the crowd when he
associated Castro's trademark speech ending slogan - 'Patria o
muerte, venceremos!' with a free Cuba. Castro had in fact closed
his speeches with the phrase in English for decades 'Father Land
or death we shall overcome'.

• Romney's fumble was looked upon as potential snags for state
and national politicians trying to navigate the Cuban American
Community in South Florida.

• Mitt Romney stresses that hundreds of Americans fought and
died for Cuba's freedom during President John F Kennedy's rule
and criticized Obama from shrinking from defending liberty in the

• I will visit Versailles in Miami.

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