Friday, March 11, 2011

Ann Louise Bardach will testify against Luis Posada Carriles on Wednesday

She will be, without a doubt, the key witness for the prosecution against Luis Posada Carriles in his trial for perjury. U.S. Justice Department prosecutors have announced that they will rest their case after she testifies.

In 1998 she published an article in the New York Times, where that Miami criminal scum boasted of having directed a series of terrorist acts against Cuban tourist hotels in Havana in 1997.

Below are the first two paragraphs of her article:

MIAMI — A Cuban exile who has waged a campaign of bombings and assassination attempts aimed at toppling Fidel Castro says that his efforts were supported financially for more than a decade by the Cuban-American leaders of one of America's most influential lobbying groups.

The exile, Luis Posada Carriles, said he organized a wave of bombings in Cuba last year at hotels, restaurants and discotheques, killing an Italian tourist and alarming the Cuban Government. Mr. Posada was schooled in demolition and guerrilla warfare by the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960's.

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