Thursday, March 10, 2011

From Democracy to Thuggery in Wisconsin

The right wingers have been emboldened by what is happening right now in Wisconsin. The give and take through dialogue, negotiations and compromise which is the basis of any civilized Democracy has been replaced by the thuggish acts of a fanatical minority that is hell bent in destroying employee unions. Mario Puzo's Godfather would have been very proud.

Let us remember that in Germany's Third Reich the first thing that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party did when they took power was to totally destroy workers unions. The new Nazis of the United States, the Tea Party, are adopting as their own the fanaticism and thuggery of the hordes of Germany's 1930's Fuhrer.

Yesterday, they rammed through the Wisconsin Senate, without any discussion or meeting announcements a bill which takes away very important citizens rights like the right to collectively bargain with their employers.

Here is what Wisconsin Assembly Minority leader, Peter Barca, said today: "Today citizens are being hauled from the lobby outside chambers, some media are allowed in while others are barricaded out, representatives and citizens are barred from the building; this is the atmosphere as we approach the start of floor session today. Republicans have made a mockery of democracy."

A government which takes away the rights which are guaranteed by the Federal and state constitutions is not worthy of the citizens respect or allegiance. They deserve our contempt, and if things keep getting worse, they deserve a Revolution. With bullets, not ballots.

Let us remember that the third president of the United States, Thomas Jeferson, said: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

The 400 Fortune Magazine Plutocrats who now effectively run the United States together with the new Tea Party Corleones must have very large smiles on their faces after the events in Wisconsin.

We are witnessing the death of Democracy in the United States as we know it. And all of this is happening during the watch of the Oval Office occupant who promised America hope and change. What a sad scam!

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