Monday, March 28, 2011

Green Party advances in Germany

Winfried Kretschmann is likely to become the Green party's first regional 'minister president' after the Baden-Württemberg state elections. Photograph: Uli Deck/AFP/Getty Images

The Green party has taken power from Angela Merkel's conservatives in one of Germany's richest states, preliminary results from the Baden-Württemberg elections show.

The chancellor's Christian Democratic Union party, or CDU, had ruled the region's state legislature for almost 58 years, but found itself on the wrong side of the nuclear debate following Fukushima. Even before the Japanese earthquake, the party was unpopular locally for sanctioning a multibillion euro project to build a railway station in Stuttgart.

Support for the CDU slumped from 44.2% in the 2006 state election to 39%, according to official results.

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