Sunday, March 06, 2011

India's Tata Motors presents its new car: The Pixel

Tata Motors on Tuesday presented the TataPixel, a new city car concept for Europe at the 81st Geneva Motor Show.

Based on the Tata Nano, the TataPixel - at just over three metres in length - is the most package efficient four-seater in the world, comfortably accommodating four adults, unlike a typical city concept which is either a two-seater or can accommodate two adults and two children only.

Speaking on the occasion, Carl-Peter Forster, managing director and group CEO of Tata Motors, said, "Tata Motors holds true to its belief that there is an opportunity in Europe for a city car, which is optimal in space, manoeuverability and environment friendliness.

The Tata Pixel is a reflection of Tata Motors' idea of what such a car should be."


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