Friday, March 25, 2011


... the Yankee imperialists are powerless to influence the internal affairs of Cuba with its paid mercenaries (Yoani Sanchez, Elizardo "El Camajan" Sanchez and the Damas de $$$) they have to constantly whine about false ghosts inside the island.

That is what happens when free and independent people do no kiss the rear end of Uncle Sam!

Torturing people in Guantanamo Naval Base, secret renditions and C.I.A. jails in countries where U.S. puppets govern, the Ken State University shootings, the My Lai massacre in South Vietam, and the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and air bombardments of Kosovo and Lybia are not violations of human rights. Yeah, sure! I have some choice land in the Florida Everglades. Wanna buy it?

In the meantime, the fiscal crisis in the United States and its fifty state governments keeps on growing. Uncle Sam is not interested in cutting the money it gives to the military industrial complex, its promotion and subsidies to huge U.S. transnational corporations, or the huge tax cuts given to the supper rich by Bush and Obama.

Lets cut down the social programs that benefit the masses even more! LET THEM EAT CAKE!

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