Monday, March 28, 2011

US Government to Spend $30 Million on Internet Campaign against Cuba

Cuban News Agency

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 28 (ACN) The US government is planning to spend some extra $30 million on projects aimed at using the internet to destabilize the Cuban government, Granma newspaper reported Monday.

The Cuban daily revealed that with that purpose the US Agency for International Development (USAID) requested non-governmental organizations and specialized companies to submit their “ideas”, according to a document recently posted at the Cuba Money Project website by US journalist and researcher Tracey Eaton.

The document —dated January 11, 2011— was brought to light the day before the beginning of the trial in Havana against American USAID contractor Alan Philip Gross, who was charged of leading illegal activities in Cuba.

The document details in a precise way, so much that it seems to be referring directly to the Gross case or to previous intelligence operations, that applying organizations must have experience on intense hostile Internet fields.

The spearhead of these operations, called web-based circumvention technology, is aimed at going around firewalls and filters used to discover multiple forms of illegal use of the Internet according to the laws of every country.

The strategy includes a training program for the development of a network of instructors to train bloggers, citizen-journalists and civil organizations to operate illegally.

The program comprises as well a “defense” fund for activists facing legal charges of hacking and “cyber intrusion.” Granma said that in addition to requesting proposals of initiatives against Cuba under the classical rhetoric of “help” for “digital activists,” the document also mentions China, Burma, Iran, Russia and Venezuela, all of which are countries refusing to submit to U.S. imperial domination.


JG: Yankee imperialism, under both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, can't stomach the fact and the reality that they lost their neocolony in the Caribbean on January 1st, 1959. And so, they have to revert to immoral and unethical conduct to covertly subvert (with fools like Alan Gross) the internal affair of the island. Would you buy a used car from either Bush, Obama or Hillary?

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