Thursday, March 10, 2011

What an irresponsible way to fund the federal goverment!

First, the GOP gave the American people a two week bill to fund the government. Now thy propose to give you a three week bill to fund the government.

Is this what the American people asked for when they turned the House of Representatives over to the Republicans? I don't think so.

Americans are learning the hard way that the GOP is the party of fiscal irresponsibility.

Now, that does not mean that I am defending the Democrats. They are as irresponsible as the Republicans. Both capitalist parties have nearly bankrupted the United States.

What a stupid way to run and fund the country!

They never seem to run out of money to give the Department of War $700 billion dollars. You could easily balance the budget if we bring all the troops home and close all of our foreign bases.

But the Military Industrial Complex would not like that, as we have to keep on bringing death and destruction to the people of our planet.

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