Monday, April 25, 2011

Capitalism can not be reformed. It is an inherently evil system.

After a great Easter dinner yesterday, members of my family -- I don't even know how or why -- got into a very heated discussion about American capitalism. Those who do not even know that they are being exploited on a daily basis, and who have never read the historical and scientific works of Karl Marx were saying that "A well regulated capitalist system can be reformed!"

How wrong they are! Only the working class adds value to a product. The capitalist ruling class are not able to do that, because they are basically a parasitic class, stealing from the workers the surplus value that they add to a product with their labor.

Only smart countries, like Russia, China, Vietnam and Cuba have been able to totally smash the capitalist cockroaches. Capitalist reactionaries are still very strong throughout the world.

In the U.S., the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are parasitic members of the capitalist class, while socialist, communists and progressives are very divided and keep on voting for the capitalist scum (Dems and Reps) that are leading and bleeding this country into eventual bankruptcy.

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