Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cuba does not exist to please others

Very few governments in our planet are ruled by people who put into practice the humanistic axiom of “People Helping People.” Cuba, China, Vietnam, Laos, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and maybe others that I forget are truly making a real effort to help humanity. Most of the world is ruled by Capitalism, an evil system that ultimately may destroy Mother Earth.

Cuba has been reviled by the capitalist press and other individuals who think that he Pearl of the Antilles exists solely to please them. Many have left the island because they think they know it all, and come to live in a nation that only knows exploitation, greed, drugs, rampant crime and many other unspeakable vices.

You are doing WELL Cuba! Keep traveling the road that you are currently walking in. Continue making efforts to improve your system. Continue to give the world gifts like “Operation Miracle.” Reforming your system does not mean going back to evil Capitalism. It mean perfecting it.

Long live the VI Congress of the Partido Comunista de Cuba, the vanguard of Cubans who live in the island. Eternal glory to the Cuban nation!


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