Saturday, April 16, 2011

CVI Special TV Program Starts

Cubavision International has just started its special programming that will broadcast Cuba's Military Review and People's Parade to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the C.I.A. mercenaries defeat at the Bay of Pigs on April, 17th, 1961.



Moodesty said...

Just watch it online from Sweden and i came right on the time Granma is entering the parade.. What a wonderful parade,, What a beautiful day for Cuba

Cuba Journal said...

Yes, it is a very good military and popular parade. I am sure that thousands of Cubans who live outside the island will be watching, except of course the fascists Miami gusanos.


Moodesty said...

Not only cubans,,
I am not even cuban or have any relations to Cuba
I am one of many here in Europe that admires that this island manage to keep its sovereignty despise the many attacks against it
and ...
Who cares about the gusanos except them selfs?

Cuba Journal said...

You are absolutely right. The world admires small countries like Cuba, who resist the evil and immoral actions of American imperialism.

Cuba will never kneel before the empire because they have DIGNITY!