Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Havana Club Expects to Sell Four Million Cases in 2011

Radio Cadena Agramonte

Havana, Cuba, Apr 12.- Executives of the Havana Club rum company expressed on Monday their aspiration to complete this year the sale of four million nine-liter bottle cases of this Cuban spirits.

The president of the CubaRon Corporation, Juan Gonzalez, added that they have this objective, in spite of the arbitrary decision of the US court of not updating the marketing license for this brand in that country, the Granma newspaper reported.

Gonzalez specified that industrial capacities to produce the renowned spirits are at a very high level, hence the estimates of having exportable volumes worth over 100 million dollars at the main markets.

In addition, this year’s distribution will increase due to demands of this product in markets like Asia, particularly that of China. He said that thanks to the rigor of Cuban rum masters, the quality of this product, the strict control of its production and the strong marketing work, Cuba will be able to increase Havana Club’s positioning in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Legal adviser Arian Remedios said that in 2010 the Havana Club International S.A. (HCI) joint venture sold 3.8 million nine-liter bottle cases.

The distribution, he pointed out, was as follows: 57 percent in Europe, 11 percent in Latin America, one percent in Asia and 31 percent in Cuba, with a 14 percent increase as compared to 2009.

The HCI specialist revealed the existence of 948 registries of the product in 186 nations, and said that at present this rum occupies position 22 on the World’s Top 100 (world scale of spirits).

He also pointed out that Havana Club –linked to tourism development on the island- is fourth on the list of brands with the largest annual growth in sales (over 14.9 percent), after the Absolut vodka, and the Johnny Walker and Jameson whiskies.

Cuba has a wide gamut of rums for export, among which Havana Club continues to be the leader, highly demanded in many markets, above all the European. (ACN)

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