Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jose Miro Cardona was a U.S. puppet from the start

There are many good things in the United States. The greatest and the most important of all is the goodness of its people. It is not their fault that the politicians that they send to Washington, D.C. become totally corrupt and turn to primarily representing the super rich, the banks, big corporations and Wall Street. The imperialist rulers never represent the average American Joe and Mary.

Among the tiny ruling class in the U.S. the one thing that they crave the most is adulation and people that constantly kiss the asses of the capitalists. Jose Miro Cardona was such a man.

Shortly before the mercenary invasion at Playa Giron and Playa Larga in the Bay Of Pigs, the Yankee imperialists "constituted" a new Cuban government-in-exile headed by Jose Miro Cardona and told him: "You will be our next Fulgencio Batista, when we "liberate" Cuba. They proceeded to send him and his Miami cronies to a run-down airport in Opa-Locka where he waited in vain to be crowned by his Yankee masters as the new Cuban president.

The imperialists forgot something very important: THE CUBAN PEOPLE. They had obtained their freedom and liberty on January First, 1959. They were not about to let the American Mafia and the corrupt Yankees return to their island.

The rest is history.

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