Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Message from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba


From April 16-19, 2011, coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Victory and the Proclamation of the Socialist Character of the Cuban Revolution, the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba was held in Havana.

More than one thousand Delegates and national guests, who represented around 800 thousand party members organized in 61 thousand party cells in different sector of the whole Cuban society, participated at this event.

The Main Report, presented by the Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, is a deeply self-critical and timely analysis of the present crucial circumstances of the historical process of the construction of Socialism in Cuba. In this context, it defines essential aspects that support the need to carry on the socio-economic transformations aimed at updating the economic model and strengthening the economic and social structures that warrantee to move forward in the construction of the new socialist society. In essence, the Main Report to the Congress was aimed at identifying the cardinal problems faced by the country and how to solve them.

The discussion on the main topics analyzed, ratified the consistent implementation of the creative thinking of the founder of the Party, historical leader and Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

On the other hand, it was reaffirmed that the ongoing updating of our process was essentially conceived on the basis of the concrete historical and cultural peculiarities of Cuba –subjected to a tight economic, commercial and financial blockade for almost 50 years- and not on the basis of mechanically copying similar experiences in other part of the world.

The approval of the Economic and Social Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution was preceded by a wide process of popular debate on its draft-project that lasted for five months, in which more than eight million people (some of them more than once) participated. More than three million people took part in the debate with 781,644 opinions, thus warranting that the participants could speak freely to express their dissatisfactions and differences.

All proposals made by the people were analyzed. The 87.4% of the statements made at these debates were taken into consideration, while in the remaining 12.6% it was decided to continue studying the possible implementation of some of them and not to consider others for the time being.

The validity of the predominance of the socialist state ownership over the means of production, and planning, an essential pillar of the national economy, was ratified by the majority of the people. It was reaffirmed the unflinching willingness of the State to preserve the social achievements accomplished as a result of the revolutionary work, an expression of the humanist spirit of our social project, and to keep the free of charge access of all citizens to education, public health, mass practice of sports and culture.

This process, which in fact was a referendum of the whole people and as result of which 68% of the original proposed Guidelines were modified, confirmed the confidence and unity of the overwhelming majority of the Cubans around the Communist Party and the Revolution, that same Revolution that will never leave anyone alone. Once again the validity of comrade Fidel’s thinking was demonstrated: “… The strength of the Party lies in its close and permanent link with the masses…”

Undoubtedly, it was a democratic and transparent process, with a wide popular participation, based on the principle that, it has to be the people, with the Party in front, which determine the country’s destiny.

Now there is a need of a period of several years to implement, in a gradual way and without hurry, the measures included in the New Economic and Social Model of the country.

The delegates took into consideration the wish of comrade Fidel Castro Ruz of not being included in the candidature and his decision to continue being “a party member, a soldier of the ideas.”

A Central Committee, with 115 members (half of them as new members), was elected, with a female representation of 41.7%. A Political Bureau, made up of 15 members, and a Central Committee Secretariat were also elected. This election was not the result of improvisation, but a policy aimed at gradually incorporating a real representation of our people and, above all, of the new generation of Cubans that can warrantee, together with the Historical Generation, the continuity of Socialism in Cuba.

The Congress approved the Call to the National Conference of the Party to be held on January 28th 2012. This meeting will be a continuity of the VI Congress of the Party.

Its main objective will be to strengthen the Party, based on the principle that the Communist Party of Cuba leads and controls, but it does not manage. Therefore, the Conference should take the necessary decisions to adjust the Statutes, the internal norms, the structure and the working styles and methods to the present historical circumstances in the country, as well as to give special attention to the training and development of leading cadres as a priority and strategic aspect for the whole Party, a determinant for the future of the Revolution.

The Conference should also discuss and approve the main definitions related to the foreign policy and international relations of the Party. In this regard, the Congress reiterated Cuba’s unflinching position to defend the universal principles of sovereignty, independence, self-determination, non-use of force in the solution of conflicts and non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries.

It was ratified the willingness to discuss any issue of common interest with the U.S. Government, on the basis of mutual acknowledgment and respect, and without condition.

It was approved the Resolution on the Improvement of People’s Power Organs, the Electoral System and the Political-Administrative Division.

Friends in the world:

The 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba confirmed that for party members and patriots, nation, independence and Socialism are indissolubly linked and, thus, to defend them is, and will always be, the main banner of the Cuban revolutionary process.

In the closing speech delivered by the newly elected First Secretary, Raúl Castro Ruz, he reiterated the militant solidarity of Cubans with the brotherly countries of the Third World and the support to Communist Parties and other progressive forces all over the world which struggle tirelessly for a better world.

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to thank parties, social movements, personalities and friends for the messages of encouragement and solidarity that we have received during this great event.

Havana, April 20th, 2011

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