Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama administration decides to give some more money to its mercenaries inside Cuba

The dynamic duo called Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have decided to give some more cash to the mercenary group it directs inside Cuba, The Ladies to the Green, euphemistically called Ladies in White by the imperialist press.

The extra cash comes as an "award" for their work defending "human rights" inside Cuba. Those evil Cuban commies keep murdering human rights activists inside the island.

This is the same way that the empire uses to pay its favorite "Blogger of the Empire" a.k.a. Yoani Sanchez.

The imperialist hate Cuba, and anything that is associated with the words Communist or Socialist.

They must be very pissed-off about the very successful VI Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, where Fidel Castro was received to huge applause of the assembled congress delegates.

You can expect the gusanos of Miami's Babalu Blog and the feminazis of HuffPo to give a lot of coverage to this very important "award."

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