Monday, April 11, 2011

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba

Cuban News Agency

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 11 (ACN) On its Monday edition, the Granma newspaper publishes the statement made by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regard to the trial against Luis Posada Carriles, which ACN reproduces up next.

The charade that began 13 weeks ago in El Paso, Texas, ended on the evening of April 8, 2011, with the acquittal of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles of all the charges in the immigration trial against him For those who have followed the dark path of the terrorist and his links with successive U.S. governments, the FBI and the CIA, in its dirty war against Cuba, it is a further demonstration of support and protection that the U.S. authorities have historically provided him.

Since Posada Carriles arrived in Florida where he traveled from Islas Mujeres, Mexico, aboard the vessel "Santrina" as the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro promptly denounced, he has remained, as always, under the tutelage and protection of the United States government.

His trial for lying in a migration process and not for terrorism, is an insult to the people of Cuba and the families bereaved by the actions of Posada.

The shamelessness that occurred in El Paso is quite contrary to the professed anti-terrorism policy of the United States government and that has even caused military interventions in other countries and claimed thousands of lives.

The U.S. government knows well of the participation of Posada Carriles in the bombing of the Cubana aircraft over Barbados in 1976, the bombing campaign against Cuban tourist facilities in 1997, and plans to attack the life of our Commander in Chief in Panama in 2000, for which he was even convicted in that country.

The U.S. government is in possession of all the evidence of Posada's crimes, many of which were presented at the trial of El Paso.

We will have to see if a new trial against Posada Carriles for terrorism can now be tabled, or his extradition to Venezuela will be proceed with, as that country has been calling for by for over five years, and what is legally bound by the International conventions of which it is part and by resolution 1373 (2001) of the United Nations Security Council, which the U.S. government itself promoted.

The greatest paradox is that while Posada Carriles is exonerated, five Cuban antiterrorist fighters remain unjustly held in U.S. prisons for seeking information on the actions of the Cuban-born terrorists like Posada Carriles, roam free with impunity through the streets of Miami.

Cuba reiterates that the United States government is primarily responsible for this outcome and calls on it to assume its obligations in the fight against terrorism, without hypocrisy or double standards.

Havana, April 9, 2011


JG: Cuba Journal energetically condemns and repudiates the actions of Barack H. Obama and his administration in protecting and giving refuge to a world renown terrorist. The "change" that Barack H. Obama offered to the American people is a charade and a scam. He is not any different than George W. Bush. I call those readers of Cuba Journal who are progressive to withhold your vote from Barack H. Obama on November 2012. If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you will still be voting for a thoroughly evil person named Barack H. Obama.

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