Thursday, April 28, 2011

There is always one in every crowd

There are human beings who never seem to understand the concept of "Live and Let Live." To them, simple human rights like freedom of expression is something to be fought and extinguished.

Here is my story:

On Tuesday evening, I made my usual visit to the excellent Lakeland Chess Club for some friendly games. I stopped at a nearby drive-in for a quick bite before driving to the Lutheran Church where the meetings take place.

I have two bumper stickers in my car. One states "LET CUBA LIVE - LIFT THE BLOCKADE." The other bumper sticker proclaims: "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER.

An intolerant person, (most likely an anti-Cuba gusano), left a very nasty note on my car's wiper blade -- written on a paper napkin -- full of obscenities directed toward me and the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Comrade Fidel Castro.

You will find many people like this in Florida. They are full of hate towards Cuba and Cuban socialists like myself. I understand their hatred. They were kicked out of Cuba on January First, 1959. They do not understand revolutions when the people they support end up on the losing side.

They are un-intelligent and un-educated. All they can come up with are obscenities and idiotic phrases like "If you love Castro so much, why don't you go back to Cuba?"

My answer is: if the Yankee imperialist government of the United States were not to confiscate my retirement pension, I would, YOU DUMMY!

They sometimes come into this blog to attempt to publish their hate and their idiocies. I hit the "delete" button faster than they can say "Long Live Luis Posada Carriles."

People like this will never amount to much in life.


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Croft said...

I am lucky that I am a Canadian and was able to visit Cuba late last year. Strolling through La Habana Vieja at night is a wonderful experience! The people are happy, the food is wonderful, the music is everywhere and the mojitos are perfect! It was a wonderful experience in a very European like city.

It is time for the USA to end the senseless blocade. It is only harming the ordinary people and is depriving them of so much that we take for granted. What does taking toothpaste away from children accomplish?

We were in Cuba only a short week but we made several friends who we will visit again.

Cuba Journal said...

I miss La Habana Vieja and strolling very close to the Morro Castle, and those trips with my grandmoher in the Lanchas de Regla. But I am very happy that Cubans now run and govern the island. No more puppets from the Yankee imperialists. Fidel is admired throughout the world, Batista was hated and despised.

Or like a Muslim would say: "Allahu Akbar!"