Friday, April 15, 2011

Western capitalist news media spend too much time repeating ad nauseam negative or derogatory stuff about Cuba

Case in point: Read a news report about Cuba and you are likely to find the following: "Despite an average [Cuba] state salary of just $20 a month, YADA, YADA, YADA."

Are there any educated reporters in the Western capitalist news media that understand the meaning of the Latin term ad nauseam?

It appears to me that the Western capitalist news media does not have such a person.

This is for them, "uneducated" Western capitalist news reporters:

Ad nauseam is a Latin term used to describe an argument which has been continuing "to [the point of] nausea". For example, the sentence, "This topic has been discussed ad nauseam", signifies that the topic in question has been discussed extensively, and that those involved in the discussion have grown tired of it. (Wikipedia)

Please, Western capitalist journalists: be creative: be bold. Find something new to write about Cuba that is really exciting!

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